Keynote on Relational Energy in Organizations | Helsinki

Today, I´ve delivered a keynote on Relational Energy in organization at a large coaching conference in Helsinki, Finland. You can find the charts to my presentation here. Addtionally, Nina Karlson has created this beautiful graphic recording:Nico_Coaching_to_SuccessThe evening before the event, I had the great honor to go out for dinner with Esa Saarinen (and his wife), one of my heros from academia. Esa is a kind of celebrity in Finland – but more important, a generous and awesome human being. You can find out more about his work here.

Nico Rose | Esa Saarinen | Helsinki


How to Find and Live Your Calling (TEDx)

Bryan J. Dik, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. He has published widely on topics related to work as a calling; meaning and purpose in career development; measurement of vocational interests; and career counseling interventions. Bryan is co-author of Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work, and co-editor of two other books: Psychology of Religion and Workplace Spirituality and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace.

He´s a colleague of Prof. Michael F. Steger who´s  work I´ve covered before here.

The surprising and simple Definition of Coaching

There are lots of definitions on coaching – what it is, and what is not. Most of them are rather long and circuitous. When I try to explain the process of coaching to my new clients, I oftentimes used this visual metaphor.

Coaching = Recognizing, understanding, and changing patterns.

What do you think?

The Art of Coaching: Making a Leap of Faith

I´ve just moved into a new home – and that means I also had to renovate my coaching office. The new office is slightly larger than my old one – so I had a little more wall space to fill. In a local gallery, I´ve found the picture you can see below. I knew I wanted to buy it right away. Though being rather calm and monotonous, I feel it conveys optimism, confidence, and exuberant strength.

A successful coaching process often involves making a leap of faith, seeing things in a new way, leaving something old behind – sometimes, without knowing exactly what will appear instead. Believing in one´s own strength and resources in crucial when pursuing this trajectory.

I hope the picture will inspire this kind of self-efficacy my clients…

Nico Rose - Positive Psychology

Coaching for (aspiring) Self-Employed People – the Hero´s Journey

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed for a magazine that is issued four times per year by our municipal agency for economic development. The interview is centered on coaching for (aspiring) self-employed persons and freelancers. It was an inspiring conversation that dealt with an array of topics such as self-awareness and strengths, finding a good tax consultant, but also Joseph Campbell´s theory of the monomyth (the hero´s journey). You can download the article here (pages 2/3 in the document; only in German, unfortunately).

Additionally, there was a photo shooting for the article. I liked the photos very much – so I bought some of them to use them on websites, social media etc. Which one do you like best?


Dr. Nico Rose
Dr. Nico Rose
Dr. Nico Rose
Dr. Nico Rose
Dr. Nico Rose
Dr. Nico Rose

A Room to Coach in

This may be a little bit off-topic – but: a German magazine has created a feature on coaching rooms and their owners – and I was picked among six others German coaching providers:

Coaching - Dr. Nico Rose

My room is decorated fairly “neutral” – except for the corner where my two armchairs are located. This corner is held in a dark purple tone. It was designed that way so as to create the feeling of a save and secure place – where change can happen. Otherwise, there´s not too much in it except for two large book shelves. It creates the feeling of looking into an open space – even though the room is not that large.

It´s definitly somthing unusual – but I still like it very much. And the same goes for my clients, as far as I know. 🙂