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Meaningful Work is about much more than just Purpose

Recently, I got a bit tired because of all those conversations that are taking place everywhere about the topic of purpose. While this surely is an important topic I often find that people seem to equate having a purpose in one´s job with experiencing meaningful work per se. And that´s far from the truth.

Yes, having (or living) an authentic purpose at work can be an important “driver” of the experience of meaning in work – but it´s by far not the only aspect that´s important (when looking at extant research). For that reason, I´ve created this infographic. Feel free to copy and share this with anyone who should know.

And, if you really want to take a deep-dive, I encourage you to have a look at the recent academic papers:

4 thoughts on “Meaningful Work is about much more than just Purpose

  1. I think that it’s possible to find purpose no matter what job you go to every day.

    It’s very similar to happiness, contentment, and gratitude in my mind. People think once their life is a certain way then they will be grateful and happy and content. When the truth is that once someone begins looking for things in their current life to be grateful for, they end up more happy and content no matter what their circumstances.

    Likewise with purpose and meaning at work, if you’re looking for it you will find it. I don’t care if you’re a ditch digger, burger flipper, or CEO. Everyone has a job that is useful to others and in that way we are all connected. If we focus on connecting in a real way with the people around us then we will be fulfilled at our job.

    Just my 2 cents


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