Inspirational Quotations that elucidate Positive Psychology Concepts

Over time, I´ve posted some inspirational quotes on Mappalicious. I´ve decided to also post them here as a kind of collection. I fancy myself as a person that only picks very intelligent, clever and absolutely non-cheesy quotes (Yeah right…) that exemplify Positive Psychology concepts on one way or the other. But do judge for yourself…

If there is no attribution/reference, please check the blog site, selecting only the category “Inspirational”.

Edison - Opportunity


Wittgenstein - Happy



Growth Change Pain


Joyful Life

Hard Work - Grit



William James - Attitude

Emerson - Sunshine

Be you. The world will adjust


Happy Miserable Castaneda

Work until you no longer nedd to introduce yourself

Love of Work

You are enough

Transition Team

Quote Emerson Love Knowledge Beauty




Dream It

Other people matter

Blue Green

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