Positive Psychology at Work: A Book List for the Layman [updated]

Here, I´ve compiled a list of books that apply Positive Psychology to the realm of “the organization”, leadership, management etc. As always, I see the list as work in progress and will be happy to include your suggestions. When making suggestions, please stick to books that have a clear link to Positive Psychology and are (by and large) backed by research.

Positive Leadership Books

9 thoughts on “Positive Psychology at Work: A Book List for the Layman [updated]

  1. I would add, if you’re interested in an application to organization transformation and development and change management

    Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination
    Second Edition by Jane Watkins.


  2. “Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself” – Dr. Simone Ravicz. Chapter on Positive Psychology, research included. Positivity emphasized throughout the book and the techniques and exercises included. International Bestseller. Great reviews.,,,


  3. Optimise your Strengths by James Brook & Dr Paul Brewerton came out in April 2015, sharing ten years of research in the form of a very readable fable following the story of a deficit based leader, facing professional and personal crises, who turns to a strengths coach. Includes toolbox of frameworks and coaching exercises and password to access online resources too.


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