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A good friend of mine, Vivian Wagner, has founded a non-profit organization called 1World Social Capital Program (1WSCP). 1WSCP offers mentoring to aspiring female professionals and students, helping them to grow their social capital with 12 highly regarded and successful mentors who are doing amazing work to break the glass ceiling for women all around the world.

1WSCP regularly posts short videos of leaders who share important learning experiences from the careers. For my video, Vivian asked me to specifically think about how we can elevate and uplift the people around us.

I share a story that took place while still studying Positive Psychology at Penn. The video contains a shout-out to Professor Jane Dutton from the Center for Positive Organizations who facilitated our learning experience that day. An older written account of that experience can be found here.

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Positive Education: An Introduction in 6 short Videos

The International Positive Education Network (IPEN) has just issued a series of very instructive on the role of Positive Psychology in Education. Share and enjoy!

To learn more, please visit IPEN´s website and consider going to the Festival of Positive Education in Dallas from July 18-20.


Recent Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton talks about Happiness [Video]

Yesterday, I wrote a post introducing the fact that recent Nobel Laureate in economics, Angus Deaton, has also accumulated a considerable body of research in the area of subjective wellbeing. If you´d like to have him explain his research to you in person – here you go:

Positive Psychology 101: Some great Videos feat. Sonja Lyubomirsky

The first “real” Positive Psychology book that I got my hands on was the German version of the The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky. It´s the one book that I still recommend to newbies when asked for a hands-on yet scientific source on the topic. Therefore, I was delighted to see that Sonja also has a lot of her stuff on Youtube. Below, you´ll find three of her short videos that were published by the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley (and there´s more where this came from).

The first video explains the set-point theory of happiness that suggests only 10% of our happiness is determined by external circumstances (such as where we live, if we are married, rich or poor etc.), while 50% is determined by our genes – which leaves roughly 40% under our personal control, precisely: Intentional activities that have been shown to raise psychological well-being.

The second video builds on that last notion, saying that there are no shortcuts to happiness – that it takes work to be happy.

The last one talks of about the benefits (the side effects) of being happy, such as being healthier, more resilient, even potentially even more successful in a wide array of life domains.



Other People Matter: 2 Videos featuring the late Christopher Peterson

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet Prof. Christopher Peterson, who died before I really discovered the field of Positive Psychology and applied for the MAPP program at Penn. But all the people (I know) that had the privilege to be taught be by him speak most highly of “Chris”.

Therefore, I was glad to discover these two short video yesterday where he elaborates on his personal take on Positive Psychology. Enjoy!

If you like what you´ve seen, you might also enjoy The Good Life, a Positive Psychology blog that Chris used to write for Psychology Today.

Video: The “Disease Model” and Positive Psychology

Yesterday, I shared a truly great video that introduces Positive Psychology in a nutshell. Here’s another comic video that tries to explain the nature of the “disease model” in psychology – an how that led to the development of Positive Psychology. Enjoy!

Positive Psychology in a Nutshell: Watch this beautiful 5-minute Instructional Video

Today, while fixing something with my own, rather puerile Introduction to Positive Psychology on Youtube, I stumbled on this absolute gem of an instructional video. It´s a concise first-rate 5-minute introduction to Positive Psychology (as outlined in Marty Seligman´s recent book “Flourish”).

Why does it only have some 100K views? If cute cat videos (I mean, this is reeaaaaaly cute…) can get +50 million views, this one should have 100 million at least. So if you care about Positive Psychology, please share the hell heaven out of this thing…

What is Positive Psychology? (International Happiness Day Helium Edition)

OK. So for whatever reason – maybe because of the sunshine, or that fact that March 20 is United Nations´ International Day of Happiness – I decided to inhale some helium (again…) – and read out IPPA´s definition of Positive Psychology – at least I tried…

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Heavy Metal Mentor

Two days ago, I´ve been writing about “The Positive” in Heavy Metal. Today, I´d like to share with you a video (German…) that kind of fits with that posting. In my day job, I´m working for Bertelsmann, Europe´s leading media company. As such, we´re partner to Careerloft, a German-based high-potential career community for students. I´m serving as a mentor in that community. As such, I was portrayed in a 4-minute video that also embraces my love for Heavy Metal. Enjoy!