The 4 Types of Fun – Infographic

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this fascinating info graphic (click to enlarge):

Four Keys to Fun

It was created by game experience designer Nicole Lazzaro and shows the different kinds of positive emotions that gamers can experience while playing a well-crafted game. The underlying data was obtained from in-depth interviews and thorough observations of 60 gamers.

I am not a gamer myself (or rather, I stopped being one at age 14…) but I like the chart and the underlying concept for its striking similarity to some frameworks from Positive Psychology. It seems pretty easy to map the four types of fun to Seligman´s PERMA framework:

  • “Easy Fun” and Imagination can be found in Positive Emotions.
  • “Hard Fun” and Mastery can be found in Engagement and Achievement.
  • “People Fun” and Bonding can be found in Relationships.
  • “Serious Fun” and Value can be found in Meaning and also Achievement.

I´m always fascinated when different thinkers come to similar conclusions starting at totally different angles of a certain subject. Lazzaro has a presentation on Slideshare where she explores her framework in more depth. Have (maybe four types…) of fun with it!

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