77 Positive Psychology People and Institutions to follow on Twitter

Positive Twitter Update 2: If you´d like to follow all of the accounts mentioned below, you can do so by following this Twitter list I´ve created this morning.

Update 1: Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback to this post. Within just 12 hours, it has become one of the most-read on Mappalicious. Via your suggestions, the list is now at 90 Twitter accounts. Therefore, I´ve decided to copy/paste this post to the (permanent) Positive Psychology Resources section. Further suggestions to the list will be added there, not here.

Over the last four years, Twitter tweets could not be found via Google. Now, both companies announced a new partnership which makes sure tweets will be part of the search results again. This means Twitter will become (even) more important in the future. So I guess that’s a good reason to see what Twitter has to offer with regard to Positive Psychology. Below, you’ll find 77 Twitter accounts of researchers, consultants, coaches, writers, bloggers, instititions, associations, news outlets, and software tools. As always, this is meant to be work in progress. So if you feel you know somebody (or an institution etc.) that belongs on this list, please leave a comment below this article. If you want to make a suggestion, please stick to people that either are in research, or otherwise display an in-depth knowledge of Positive Psychology (visible through e.g., a corresponding university degree).


Consultants/Coaches/Speakers/Writers/Bloggers etc.

Research Groups/Institutions/Association/Movements


11 thoughts on “77 Positive Psychology People and Institutions to follow on Twitter

  1. I would love to be on the list as I am a researcher on gratitude. Thank you!


  2. What a great and brillant idea, Nico! And I am both very thankful and feel honored to appear on the same list as those great and inspiring minds! I didn’t even look for most of their twitter appearances so thanks again for the list!

    Another author is Ilona Bürgel from Berlin (https://twitter.com/ichdenkanmich).
    And one blogger more is Katharina Tempel, as well from Berlin (https://twitter.com/Gluecksdetektiv)
    You might want to add Corporate Happiness (https://twitter.com/corphappiness) as an institution, although not very active on twitter, yet. And I don’t know whether they fit into your category of an institution.

    Have a great one,


  3. Hi Nico, Wonderful list. Thank you for compiling it. I wonder if you might like to consider including my twitter handle https://twitter.com/robbiecat, in the category of consultants, coaches, speakers, writer, bloggers. I am also am a podcaster – possibly the only one that seeks to expand the conversation of positivity and strength-based methodologies in the field of human and organizational development. The podcast is called Positivity Strategist – http://positivitystrategist.com. Some of the people on this list have already been and/or will be future guests on my show. The invitation is open to all of you, so please contact me via my site. My vision is to increase love, connection and positive social change in the world by amplifying the global conversation in this field.


  4. Bringing character education and positive psychology tools to middle school classrooms. Using character strengths to develop growth mindsets in children.


  5. Hi Nico,

    Thanks for this wonderful list!!

    Open Mind Education (@fitminsopen) would love to be on your list as well. We partner with schools and train staff so they feel confident, prepared and empowered to teach aspect of positive psychology in our student wellbeing program MFIT (Mind Fitness)!

    Keep up the great work!!


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