Mappy Birthday! The most Mappalicious Blog on Positive Psychology is 1 Year old today…

Happy Birthday365 days ago, I started Mappalicious as a kind of diary while being in the 2013/14 Master of Positive Psychology (MAPP) cohort at the University of Pennsylvania. By now, the program is over – and there are 181 blog entries which means that I blogged something roughly every other day. I´m a little bit proud of myself for being so diligent.

And I´ve decided to go on with the blog as a valuable resource for people that are interested in Positive Psychology (and my personal take on the field…). For today, here are the 10 most-read articles of the first 365 days:

  1. History in the making: Epic Harvard Study on what keeps Men healthy and happy
  2. SCHLAAAAAND! How the Soccer World-Cup helps to Build a Likeable Version of the “German Nation” *
  3. Monkey (Porn) Business keeps up with the Kardashians **
  4. Mappsterview No. 1: Emilia Lahti, the Queen of Sisu
  5. The James Bond Philosophy of Life – in 007 Chapters
  6. A little Kindness goes a long Way: heart-warming Short Film about the Power of being a Giver
  7. My Top 20 TED(x) Talks on Happiness, Well-Being, Meaning & Co.
  8. The Upsides of Suffering: On Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) and the Wounded Healer Archetype
  9. 7 common Misconceptions about Positive Psychology
  10. My Mind´s MAP(P): The 4-minute Ivy League Diploma in Positive Psychology

My blog also consists of 12 permanent pages by now. Apart from the “Home” section, my list of seminal Positive Psychology articles has the most views by far.

*This one is especially sought-after since it was published only about four weeks ago. **Guess which article gets the most traffic via search engines – and why…


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