Positive Psychology News Digest | No. 03/2017

mappalicious_news_digest_2017My favorite news and blog articles covering Positive Psychology and adjacent topics from (roughly) the last seven days.

New York Magazine: For Social-Anxiety Disorder, Talk Therapy Is More Effective Than Pills by Drake Baer

New York Magazine: Neurotics Get an Extra Benefit From Being Extra Nice by Drake Baer

New York Magazine: People Learn More When They Have Fun at WorkPeople Learn More When They Have Fun at Work by Drake Baer

Greater Good Science Center: Are Your Happiness Goals Too High? by James Baraz

Psychology Today: The Psychology Of Professional Purpose: Follow Your Calling by Caroline Beaton

Fast Company: Why You Might Do Your Best Work When You Don’t Have A Boss by Rich Bellis

New York Magazine: You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your Personality by Melissa Dahl

Scientific American: Which Personality Traits Are Most Predictive of Well-Being? by Scott Barry Kaufman

Wired: The science of touch: why physical contact can make you happier and more successful by Dacher Keltner

Guardian: How to escape the overthinking trap: stop judging yourself by Mark Rice-Oxley

Guardian: Friend zone: why we all long to belong by Emily Esfahani Smith