Get your “Self-Care September” Calendar from Action for Happiness now!

Another month gone, another beautifully crafted calendar by our friends at Action for Happiness. For September, it´s all about self-care – and as usual, based on insights from Positive Psychology. You can download a file in high resolution for printing here. Enjoy – and please spread the news.


Great Infographic on Self-Compassion: How not to be Hard on Yourself

For UN´s International Happiness Day, I´d like to share with you this great infographic created by information designer Anna Vital. It´s a wonderful piece of advise on the art (and science) of self-compassion. Additionally, you might want to watch Kristin Neff´s TEDx talk on the same topic that you can find in my Positive Psychology TED suggestions. Enjoy!

Self-Compassion - Anna Vital


Probably the most important message ever – but hard to grasp for some of us

So I found this yesterday on one of my friend´s Facebook page. I copied the pictured and forgot to write down who it was. Please notify me if you see this to get proper credit.

But anyway, the original source for this postcard is the artist and motivational speaker Liv Lane. I´ve never heard of her before (living in Germany might be a good excuse for that…) – but below, you can see one of the very fundamental truths about our nature as human beings. It took me about 30 years to reach that insight – and sadly, a lot of people never get to that point of intuitive wisdom.

But once you understand, everything is different…

You are enough