Outstanding Resource for Positive Psychology Articles and Blogs

I´ve already mentioned Seph Fontane Pennock´s awesome website in the past, precisely when he created a very useful overview of institutions that offer academic Positive Psychology courses.

Obviously, he´s been very busy these days – because in the meantime, he´s created a database containing links to 500(!) of his favorite Positive Psychology articles (journals articles as well as blogs posts). He´s probably going to be at 5.000 once you´re done with those… 🙂


500 Positive Psychology Pieces

Positive Psychology Courses: 20 Educational Chances of a Lifetime

A couple of days ago, I posted a link to a website that lists 10 exceptional courses and university programs in Positive Psychology. After that, the link went somewhat viral and the website got a lot of feedback. As a consequence, the writers were able to extend that list to 20 courses. So here you´ll find the 10 further exciting learning opportunities in Positive Psychology


Great Overview of Positive Psychology Courses

The MAPP program at Penn probably is the most advanced Positive Psychology program on this planet.* You get to learn directly from Martin Seligman and some of his closest collaborators. But then, it´s not the only program on earth – there´s lots of cool stuff out there. So, if you cannot manage to move to Philadelphia for 10 month (or travel back and forth – as in my case), you might want to check our this website that lists 10 of the most promising courses and programs out there

Positive Psychology Courses

* Hey … I mean … what else did you expect me to say…?