How Leaders Enable Meaningful Work [Infographic]

Thanks to the stunning infographics of Anna Vital (see them here, here, and here), I’ve decided to learn how to better think and communicate in a visual way. I’m not a designer, so I don’t know how to work with Software packages like Illustrator. Therefore, for the time being I have to use what’s already out there, e.g., the Webdings that come with Microsoft’s fonts.

To start, I´ve chosen a topic that´s very close to my heart: Meaningful work. Prof. Michael F. Steger is one of the world´s foremost authorities on this topic. He created the acronym CARMA to outline a set of leadership behaviors that help employees to perceive their work as being valuable and meaningful.

What do you think?


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Barry Schwartz on Good Decision-Making and Practical Wisdom

Paradox of ChoicePractical WisdomI really don´t have time to write to today – but I want to want to write something. So instead of composing a longer text, I´d just like to point you to two great TED talks by Barry Schwartz, Professor at Swarthmore and guest lecturer in the MAPP program. The first one is about decision-making and how having too many choices can make us miserable. The second one is about Barry´s conception of practical wisdom. He has also written books on both topics.