Positive Psychology Accounts to follow on Twitter

Positive Twitter https://twitter.com/heidgrantphdhttps://twitter.com/Dr_BobEmmonsThis is a list of Twitter accounts run by Positive Psychology researchers, writers, bloggers, consultants, institutions, associations, and movements. If you´d like to follow all of them, you can do so by following this Twitter list.

As always, this is meant to be work in progress. So if you feel you know somebody (or an institution etc.) that belongs on this list, please leave a comment. If you want to make a suggestion, please stick to people that either are in research, or otherwise display an in-depth knowledge of Positive Psychology (visible through e.g., a corresponding university degree).


Consultants/Coaches/Speakers/Writers/Bloggers etc.

Research Groups/Institutions/Association/Movements


7 thoughts on “Positive Psychology Accounts to follow on Twitter

  1. Hi, I would like to suggest @WinYourRecovery I talk about positive psychology and addiction recovery.


  2. Great set of links. I re-posted it on Twitter @leturos after following every one that I could, if I wasn’t subscribed already. A couple of the links are broken but most work.


  3. Hi ! I’d like to suggest Kelly Mcgonigal ans Brené Brown (for the first or second category). Thanks


  4. I’d like to suggest @ylaehs_acissej . I tweet a positive quote everyday (since the day of the Pulse nightclub shooting). My saying is, “a positive tweet a day keeps negativity away”.


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