Positive Psychology News Digest | No. 02/2017

mappalicious_news_digest_2017My favorite news and blog articles covering Positive Psychology and adjacent topics from (roughly) the last seven days.

New York Times: Yes, It’s Your Parents’ Fault by Kate Murphy

New York Magazine: Your Emotions Are More Malleable Than You Think by Ian Robertson

New York Magazine: There Are Only Two Kinds of Terrible Bosses by Cari Romm

Forbes: ‘A Passion Is Developed More Than It Is Discovered’ (Interview with Angela Duckworth) by Dan Schawbel

Guardian: Finding kids’ strengths (and why being good at singing isn’t the same as being a superstar) by Lea Waters

New York Magazine: To Change Your Life, Learn How to Trust Your Future Self by Jeff Wise

Huffington Post: Everyday Courage in Organizations by Chris White

BBC: Is it healthier to live in the countryside?, no author

Heleo: Embrace the Uncool: Brené Brown on Overcoming Shame, no author

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