A Mappalicious Thank You to 2015

Every time a year draws to a close, people start saying something like “My, how time flies…”. Mostly, it is used in a slightly sniveling fashion – as if they might have missed something. I guess that´s why they show all those year-end retrospectives on TV. But then, they invite all these VIP and VEP (Very Exceptional People) – and at the end of the day, one´s own life might seem insignificant in comparison.

So in 2013, I´ve started to create my own personal year-end retrospectives to keep track of what really happened in the last 365 days. Ever since, I understand quite well where time went.

One year consists of 8760 hours!

Big Chunks


  • slept +2,400 hours (again, less than intended);
  • worked some 1,850 hours in my main job for Bertelsmann (weekends and holidays etc. are subtracted already);
  • travelled +110.000 km, visiting New York (several times), Boston, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco area, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, the South of France, and Lanzarote.

Speaking my Mind


Anything else (interviews, citations etc. can be found here on Pinterest.

Working with People


  • gave 25 speeches/keynotes. On that note, I have to say I was scared for the first time in a very long while before giving a talk. I gave a dinner speech on Positive Psychology for 50 CFOs at a conference. Me, being a non-finance guy, talking about a “fluffy” psychology topic, for these high-profile business leaders. But it worked out quite well;
  • coached about 40 hours.

 Personal Stuff

  • bought a house and moved in in March;
  • said “I love you” +365 times (not every day, but several times on some of the days);
  • cuddled with my son approx. 300,000 times;
  • read some 95 good-night stories (definitely not enough, please refer to kilometers travelled);
  • had approx. 700 cappuccinos and 4.5 kg Chicken Tikka;
  • been to 5 heavy metal concerts (not enough).

 It´s been a good year…

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