Want to be Happy today? Check out the “Good Day Theory”…

A couple of minutes ago, I went out to go to my favorite café in order to work on a MAPP final paper. Now, I´m blogging. By the way, if you want to have some real good advice on following through with your plans, check out Peter Gollwitzer´s research on implementation intentions. But I digress…

So, when I went out of the door, I saw this sticker on a street light – basically, directly in front of our home. And I wonder how many times I might have passed it without noticing – but of course, it could be new as well.

Good Day Theory

Via Google, I´ve found out that it´s the name of a local rock band – I´ve posted one of their videos at the bottom of this post. The good news is: there really is a kind of “good day theory” in Positive Psychology. At least, there´s a paper by the name of What makes for a good day? Competence and autonomy in the day and in the person

What they found: a good day typically is characterized  by frequent fulfillment of our needs for autonomy and competence. In plain English:

A good day in one where you decide what to do – and then choose to do something that you´re really good at.

So do that. Now…

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