The Words of Happiness: People. Love. Meaning.

Mappalicious is online now for about half a year. I guess that´s a good time to pause for a moment again and have a look at what happened so far. So I copied all of the 123 posts (+55,000 words) into a software that creates nice word clouds – you can even give them a little tweak to make them look really nice. So here´s the current Mappalicious Wordle:

Mappalicious Wordle

Now I really do like what I see. How about you?

I´m back a Philadelphia right now and it´s the 9. onsite of MAPP 2013/14 already. Yesterday I took a stroll around the Penn campus and took a photo of this famous sculpture:


Beautiful! Why don´t you let this be your mantra for the upcoming weekend?


One thought on “The Words of Happiness: People. Love. Meaning.

  1. Nice! I see Sisu in the upper left corner. (In badass black color, just like it should be.)


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