Why I buy Flowers for my Wife (almost) every Week – not only on Valentine´s Day



First thing to say: Because she deserves it, obviously! Second: the headline includes “almost”. Let´s be honest here. I travel a lot, but on a lot of Saturdays, she gets ´em.

Now, there is reason and a story behind this. I buy flowers for my wife because of my grandpa. He served in World War II, got wounded several times, and was a prisoner of war for about a year towards the end of the story. When I was a boy, he used to tell me stories of that time over and over again: Mostly horrible stories of him seeing his comrades being torn to pieces by grenades – but there was one story that I particularly liked. He used to recount:

You know, I am not a very religious guy. But when I was a prisoner, I prayed to God. And I told him: Please God, if you let me return home to my wife, I promise you I will buy her roses every weekend until the end of my life.

And as far as I know, he kept his promise. Later, when I was a young man and my grandpa could hardly walk any more due to long-term sequelae of his battlefield injuries, I used to do the grocery shopping for my grandparents on Saturday mornings. Grandpa would always give me an extra 20 Deutsche Mark so I could buy roses for grandma at his favorite flower shop. And I would bring home the roses – and he would give them to her. We did this right to the end.

So that´s why I buy roses for my wife (almost) every week. I´ve learned from the best. Here´s to you, Opa…

3 thoughts on “Why I buy Flowers for my Wife (almost) every Week – not only on Valentine´s Day

  1. I had that biweekly habit once as well but found that my wife was disappointed after I’d missed the flowers for a Saturday (conditioning?). Have you experienced something similar yet? And if not – what do you do differently? 🙂


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