Crying at Metal Concert is a little embarrassing – but then, by the 3. time, it´s kind of O.K.

Trans-Siberian OrchestraFirst, I´d like to make something clear: this is still a blog about Positive Psychology – even though I´m writing about Heavy Metal for the third time in eight days. But then, Heavy Metal and Positive Psychology are synonyms – at least in my wicked neural network.

Tonight, I´ve been to a concert of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a “metal vs. classical music crossover project” that was founded by members of the mighty Savatage. Even though TSO is most famous for their Christmas albums, they played a lot of old Savatage songs tonight – since the Christmas season is obviously over.

And I cried. Three times.  Now I may be a little prone to tears anyway – but then again, there´s something to the sound of a distorted guitar that makes my heart vibrate at an inapprehensible, pre-verbal level. With a rare exception here and there, this can´t be done by any other kind of music. Why could that be the case?

Lord bring on the night, wrap it all around me
Let it hold me tight, soak up all that I bleed

Here´s a video of the full song from the same tour in a higher quality…

One of my favorite movies of all times is Pretty Woman*. There is this scene where the male main protagonist, successful businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), invites the female mail protagonist, prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), to the San Francisco Opera to see a premier of La Traviata. When Vivian is very moved by the music, Edward says:

People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.

Now, I totally agree with Eddie. It´s just that in my case, metal came first. And I am not sure if my soul can truly madly deeply “hold” more than one style of music.

So if you haven´t found out yet which music is cherished deeply by your soul – do it. Now! Music may be the Gods greatest gift to mankind. That´s why I always want to slap people across the face that answer the question “What do you listen to?” by something like “Oh…you know…whatever´s on the radio”.

That´s not how it´s supposed to be. Now I don´t care if you really really love Country, or Reggae, or Jazz, or…Celine Dion… ah…wait…the last one doesn´t count…well…whatever…as long as you really really love something.

´Cause when you´ve found it, you´re never going to be alone for a single moment for your entire life!


* Yes! It´s absolutely possible to love heavy metal and romantic comedies starring Richard Gere and/or Hugh Grant at the same time. I´m the living proof…

2 thoughts on “Crying at Metal Concert is a little embarrassing – but then, by the 3. time, it´s kind of O.K.

  1. Thanks once again for your refrsshing posts. And sentences like this one:

    “Now, I totally agree with Eddie. It´s just that in my case, metal came first.”

    I’ve started to listen to Helloween before I went to my first Opera. (And my only one.)

    And talking about Metal and romantic movies: Although it is not Metal I love “Christmas is all round you” as performed uncountable times in “Love actually”. Perfect combination of a rotten rock star kind of guy and a romantic Story.


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