Work with me

Dr. Nico Rose | HR Inside Summit | Vienna

Nico Rose speaking about Positive Psychology (HR Inside Summit, Vienna)

I am a sought-after speaker and management coach. Since 2008, I have coached several hundred clients, and in addition, have given talks for more than 100 business organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions, mostly in Germany, but also the U.S., Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, and Norway. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

One thought on “Work with me

  1. Dear Nico

    I have just finished my MAPP at Melbourne, under Lea Waters & Diane Vella-Broderick. This is a great site and I wanted to congratulate you for pulling together such a fantastic set of resources. I am a Deputy Principal of a high school in Sydney (Australia) and we are currently developing Positive Education throughout the school. The information, literature, posters and other resources have been a significant stimulus for our working party.

    Many thanks and best wishes



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