TEDx Talks

I´m a three-time TEDx Speaker (sort of…). The first stint was an impromptu three-minute talk at TEDx Cologne in 2013 on how not to get mad in a traffic jam. It was an unofficial talk. One of the speakers had cancelled on short notice, so the organizers asked several people to step in giving improvised short speeches.

The second talk was part of TEDx Bergen (Norway). Again, things were a little improvised as I was asked to participate just six days before the event. I gave a talk on fostering serendipity  (“Prepare, be there, express, and say yes.”)

The newest TEDx talk was recorded at TEDx EBS University (my Ph.D. alma mater) in October 2016. It draws on research by Peter Frost, Jane Dutton, Adam Galinsky and others to demonstrate the upside of cultivating compassion in organizations (“Realize. Relate. Relieve.”)