Positive Psychology Articles – a topical Collection

Positive Psychology - An IntroductionOn this page, I collect a wide array of research articles on Positive Psychology – sorted by sub-domains. In most cases, links lead to PDFs that are available for free.

This page is work in progress – therefore, I am very much open to extending this list. If you feel something should be included, please shoot me an e-mail or write a comment, ideally providing the APA style citation and a link to a PDF. Additionally, please notify me if you find dead links etc. Enjoy – and please share!

Groundbreaking and/or highly-cited Positive Psychology Articles

Articles on Positive Education

Articles on Positive Psychotherapy

Articles on Positive Organizational Scholarship and the Link of Wellbeing and Success/Performance


29 thoughts on “Positive Psychology Articles – a topical Collection

    • Well, I guess in most areas, the research has been “refined” in the meantime. But that doesn´t necessarily mean the older articles are inaccurate. It´s just the way science evolves…

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      • Very true. Sometimes good to look at the older ones and discover them once again. I often read Freud, Jung, Fromm, Skinner, Bandura, etc. just to keep me grounded. Oh, yes and philosophy Satre, Heidegger, Schöpenhauer. ….Rollo May… makes me think….wonder. 25 years as a psychologist and still learning…


  1. Thanks for the great list, Nico! That means some long evenings in front of the (not existing) fireplace filled with great literature are ahead. 😉

    I take it you already had a look at the literature list within “Was Wäre Wenn”? Only resources I used within my own articles but nevertheless some free and also great pdfs to be found there.

    => http://www.tomoff.de/literaturverzeichnis/



  2. Hi Nico, thank sfor youir service to the community of scholars and interested professionals (I;m a MAPP student at Melbourne and loving the course!) One tiny suggestion that might help – the template you;re using has a really deep header bar which makes reading and scrolling for articles more difficult. Could you loomat choosing a smaller tighter design to allow more space on a laptop screen for reading? That would improve our wellbeing while reading 🙂 many thanks. Hope to see you in Australia to present one day soon. Kind Regards
    Keith Peel


  3. Hi,
    Your information about positive psychology is amazing but I am interested in sports so if u have knowledge or information about article on sports related to positive psychology. Plz attached so thus the area of positive psychology may be growth in different discipline…

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  4. the list is really tremendous … but I am looking for the one that I can work on BS level.. especially related to pro0social behavior and its impact on daily stress… help me pleaseeee…….

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  5. Thanks for sharing all of these articles on positive psychology! I think that it is very important to consult primary literature when investigating scientific topics, of which positive psychology certainly fits that criteria. I especially find these useful for my own posts pertaining to positive psychology, which asks what makes life worth living. Feel free to check out my posts and leave any contributions that you would like to the content. Great resources, please keep up the good work! It is very helpful to people!


  6. Hello,
    I have some questions: How did you select the articles? Are they the most cited ones or is it more of a personal choice?
    Did you update the site? I noticed there are no articles of the last 5 years so I would guess you didnt or are there other reasons why there are no new articles?
    How did you define positive psychology? I saw you also cited Kahnemann, who is not a strong supporter of the positive psychology movement, so I was wondering why you chose him?


    • Hi Dimitri, this blog is not updated on a regular basis ever since 2017, so the list does not contain newer references.
      I chose Kahneman because – even though he may not like the term PP – he has surely informed PP in important ways.


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