Positive Psychology Articles – a topical Collection

Positive Psychology - An IntroductionOn this page, I collect a wide array of research articles on Positive Psychology – sorted by sub-domains. In most cases, links lead to PDFs that are available for free.

This page is work in progress – therefore, I am very much open to extending this list. If you feel something should be included, please shoot me an e-mail or write a comment, ideally providing the APA style citation and a link to a PDF. Additionally, please notify me if you find dead links etc. Enjoy – and please share!

Groundbreaking and/or highly-cited Positive Psychology Articles

Articles on Positive Education

Articles on Positive Psychotherapy

Articles on Positive Organizational Scholarship and the Link of Wellbeing and Success/Performance


26 thoughts on “Positive Psychology Articles – a topical Collection

    • Well, I guess in most areas, the research has been “refined” in the meantime. But that doesn´t necessarily mean the older articles are inaccurate. It´s just the way science evolves…

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      • Very true. Sometimes good to look at the older ones and discover them once again. I often read Freud, Jung, Fromm, Skinner, Bandura, etc. just to keep me grounded. Oh, yes and philosophy Satre, Heidegger, Schöpenhauer. ….Rollo May… makes me think….wonder. 25 years as a psychologist and still learning…


  1. Thanks for the great list, Nico! That means some long evenings in front of the (not existing) fireplace filled with great literature are ahead. 😉

    I take it you already had a look at the literature list within “Was Wäre Wenn”? Only resources I used within my own articles but nevertheless some free and also great pdfs to be found there.

    => http://www.tomoff.de/literaturverzeichnis/



  2. Hi Nico, thank sfor youir service to the community of scholars and interested professionals (I;m a MAPP student at Melbourne and loving the course!) One tiny suggestion that might help – the template you;re using has a really deep header bar which makes reading and scrolling for articles more difficult. Could you loomat choosing a smaller tighter design to allow more space on a laptop screen for reading? That would improve our wellbeing while reading 🙂 many thanks. Hope to see you in Australia to present one day soon. Kind Regards
    Keith Peel


  3. Hi,
    Your information about positive psychology is amazing but I am interested in sports so if u have knowledge or information about article on sports related to positive psychology. Plz attached so thus the area of positive psychology may be growth in different discipline…

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  4. the list is really tremendous … but I am looking for the one that I can work on BS level.. especially related to pro0social behavior and its impact on daily stress… help me pleaseeee…….

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