Satisficing: How to Reach Your Best by Not Giving a Damn

Great read by former Mapp student Emilia Lahti…

The Sisu Lab

Originally posted at The Creativity Post column The Art of Braintenance.

I am fully aware of the fact that my spell-checker shows a bright, blinking red line under the word ´satisficing´. This likely means that the word is outside the realm of commonly used constructs and therefore you may have never heard of it. This year, however, this previously unknown word became part of my vocabulary. I have learned a wonderful new strategy, which not only increased my subjective well-being (by freeing me from being the anal-retentive nitpicker/ruminator that I used to be), but has also enabled me to tap into more of my full potential than ever before. This is a quick post about harnessing your nervous system (sort of tricking yourself) to get the results you want, while remaining happy as you pursue your goals.

Brooklyn Bridge sisu Karhu running Emilia Lahti

I recently graduated from a master´s program that was as intense as it…

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